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About BusinessPlanWorld.com  

Company Overview:

BusinessPlanWorld.com was started as a pilot project in 1989. The goal of the Website at the time was to showcase how individuals could use the Internet to create new business opportunities.

This innovative online company was the first to have an automated system to sell electronic files online.

Our sample business plans have been developed with the assistance of real entrepreneurs and business plan consultants. BusinessPlanWorld.com products have examples of the correct way to answer key questions, sample research and facts and figures you can edit for your target market.

Since our clients are from all over the globe it would not be possible for any sample business plan to have the exact facts and figures for every possible region in the world.

You will need to conduct some research on your own and change some information to create your own unique business plan.


To provide the tools needed for new entrepreneurs to evaluate business ideas and develop business plans to turn these ideas into a reality.


It is our goal to provide a superior product by providing you our clients with real help from real entrepreneurs to provide the most realistic business plan template possible.


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