Free Drivers Education Training

Learn how to pass the written test with this free 30 minute video training session.

The training includes sample animations of correct driving techniques and an extensive testing section.

Mobile Device Tips

For the best mobile device experience we recommend installation and configuration of either the Puffin or Flash Fox browsers. The Drivers Education Quizzes have been tested and work correctly using the Puffin and Flash Fox APPS for Android and iOS Devices.

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Learn by video

Open YouTube to watch video

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Learn by text - click a topic below to read more

Learning Objectives

Topics Covered in Part 1 - Right of Way, Four Way Stop and Turns

Topics Covered in Part 2 - Safe Passing, Signals and Lanes, Blind Spot, Divided Highway, Cloverleaf and Backing

Topics Covered in Part 3 - Parking, School Buses, Emergency Vehicles and Following Distances

Topics Covered in Part 4 - Stopping & Reaction, Lights and Conclusion

Learn by audio (MP3)

It is our goal to provide training material that meets the needs of all learners for those who learn best using audio you can download the MP3 version of the training .

Test your knowledge

We strongly suggest that you first complete the video, audio or text based training above before attempting the quiz. All questions for the quiz are random and all answers can be found in the provided training materials.

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