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The minute you put your website on the Internet you are in competition. You've just launched an Internet business that will compete for sales in your target market. How are you going to compete with others who want to sell in your area?

We will determine who your competition is and see what makes them more popular. If other companies offer the same products or services, why should the customer do business with YOUR firm? You've GOT to know what makes you different, better, or more capable than your competition.

Our Effective Internet Marketing Plan Includes:

  1. Identify Target Market Keywords

  2. Analyze Existing Websites with your Target Market Keywords

  3. Develop an effective website with full understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your competition

  4. Search Engine Submission based on research and analysis

  5. Enrolling in and/or setting up link exchange programs

  6. Implement a site traffic monitoring plan to track effectiveness of marketing

  7. Internet Press Release to various targeted media

  8. Mirrored Website content with different Target Market Keywords

  9. Banner Advertising most useful for brand recognition

  10. Setup a Live Chat to Support Button

  11. Make your page interesting and useful - video streaming, ecommerce, freebies and fast access to contact information

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